Very brief biography:

Composer and concert improviser (organ), Malcolm Hill was born in 1944; studied 1961-68 at RAM, London, with extended periods in Holland and Sweden (performing and research). 1969-94 Professor,  Royal Academy of Music; 1995-2000 completion of works by Gesualdo (motets) and Szymanowski (Agawe); Musical Director of Bath Chamber Opera (since 2011).

In August 2015, he started uploading many of his compositions onto Petrucci Music - IMSLP (


Malcolm Hill's settings of poetry by Caroline Heaton was performed by Jane Hunt, Paul Feldwick and the Chandos Singers on Saturday 12th November 2016 at 3pm at St James Priory, Bristol as part of a concert to celebrate the 800th anniversary of the sealing of the Bristol Magna Carta (on 12th November 1216).

Malcolm Hill's Eight Songs from 1500 were performed on Saturday 2nd July 2016 by Katharine Adams, Julia Rushworth, Robert Jack and Paul Feldwick, accompanied by Malcolm Hill.

Four of Malcolm Hill's works were performed on Friday 20th May 2016 (at St Swithin's, Bath). At 7.40 a concert performance of exerpts from his comedy-opera Neptune was presented by Bath Chamber Opera (who Bath Festivals had mistakenly advertised as Bath Chamber Orchestra). Then at 8.40 his medieval setting of Quasimodo, his 19th setting of Jeesus Kristus meele nyt and his ornamented version of Josquin's Regina were sung at the start of a set of choral works sung by the Chandos Singers.

Three of Malcolm Hill's works were performed on Saturday 12th March 2016 (at the Holloway, 7.30):
Ophelia's Story and Sonnet LXV featured the soprano Jane Hunt,
O Gentle Sleep is for three soloists (Jane Hunt, Katharine Adams and Julia Rushworth) plus 6-part female chorus (from The Chandos Singers).

On Saturday 4th July 2015, two of Malcolm Hill's latest works were performed in Bath (at the Holloway, 7.30):

Firstly, an arrangement of Gaucelm Faidit's Planh (a 14th century reflection on the death of Richard the Lionheart)
with counterpoint and new text (from the Selected Letters of Pope Innocent III concerning England 1198-1216):
the resulting piece called Pope annuls Magna Carta.

Secondly, Three Dante Fragments (celebrating the birth of Dante 750 years ago), with soloists Katharine Adams and Paul Feldwick.

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On Friday 15th May 2015, two of Malcolm Hill's works were performed at the Bath Festival:

Firstly, The Pope annuls Magna Carta was sung.

Secondly, a shortened version (without Locum or Chorus) of his comedy-opera How the Viking got his Horns
was performed by Bath Chamber Opera.



originally called Bath Russian Opera

(Malcolm Hill: Musical Director)

Recent performances:

Women on Top

(based on Aristophanes' The Assembly Women) - 

a Comedy-Opera of sex and socialism in Ancient Athens 


How the Viking got his Horns

music and libretto for both works by Malcolm Hill

First performance was at the Rondo Theatre, Bath on 11th February 2015

(there was a preview performance of Women on Top

in Box, Wiltshire, on 18th May 2014)   


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Malcolm Hill's previous Comedy-Opera, The Bear,

 very loosely based on the play of the same name by Chekhov

was given its U.K. premier on Friday 18th November 2011

at the Rondo Theatre, Larkhall, Bath

performed by Bath Russian Opera

For more information about Bath Chamber Opera and Bath Russian Opera, please click here

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Saturday 28th June 2014 at the Magdalen Chapel, Holloway, Bath at 7.30

                    Summer Concert of Choral works celebrated Malcolm Hill's 70th birthday -

On this occasion a group of 20 singers performed a wide range of Malcolm’s work, including his homages to the 15th century Dutch composer Gilles Binchois and to Maurice Duruflé (1902-1986). His completions provided exciting opportunities to hear otherwise unknown music by the ‘Killer Prince’ Carlo Gesualdo and by the great 16th century English composer Thomas Tallis. The programme also included MH's editions of Ambrosian chant and of pieces by Josquin des Prez, Pierre de la Rue, Jan Dismas Zelenka, and the 9th century Swiss monk Notker, and ended with Malcolm’s dramatic setting of The Walrus and the Carpenter.        

  1. edited by MH:

                                       Ambrosian Chant : Tu es Petrus

                                       Avignon Papacy : Agnus Dei

                                        NotreDame School : Bestia quam vidi

                                        Josquin Des Pres : Ave Verum

                                        Notker : Festa Dies

                                        Pierre de la Rue : Ave Regina

                                        Zelenka : Regina Coeli


                                2. Pieces edited and completed by MH

                                        Gesualdo : Ave sanctissima

                                        Tallis : Jerusalem et Sion

                                         Pie Cantiones : Novum


                                3. Compositions by MH

                                        De cora lux

                                        Homage to Binchois : Benedictus Dominus

                                        Homage to Duruflé : Ave Maria

                                        Nunc Dimittis and Benedictus

                                        Soprano Mass

                                        Go, song, whither it please thee

                                        The Walrus and the Carpenter


Alison Alexander, Debbie Warren,

Julia Rushworth, Katharine Adams,

Susanna Watson

Paul Feldwick, Simon Caldwell

Copyright (c)2009 Malcolm Hill &